I’m still here, folks!

Well, hello there, strangers.

Aside from this cold that has taken over as of this morning, I am still alive and well. I apologize for the silence the last couple months, but I have been building some amazing content behind the scenes. I’m in the process of saving up for a new laptop so that I don’t have to share with Chris and I can be more mobile with my writing. At the moment, we have one ~mostly~ working laptop and a desktop. As many of you parents can attest to, not much work actually gets done when the child is awake unless I outright ignore her, which is out of the question.

I also started working a day job again to help finance the decorating and fixings on our new home. A blog is not a cash machine in the beginning, so unless one of you lovely readers wants to finance my writing, it has to take a backseat to real life. Sure, I can write in the evenings after bedtime, but then when would I get to spend time with my husband without having the toddler around?

Real talk: I’d rather go to bed at night than stay up writing in our office late at night. Sorry, not sorry.

I’m still active on my Instagram page @moderatelyadjusted and I love to engage with others! Find me over there and give me a shout!

Today, I’m fighting this cold with all I got, because I still need to manage to make it to the office to do people things the rest of the week.




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California girl, born and raised. Now living my best life in the beautiful PNW with my family!

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