Wedding: The Photos

Continued from post “Wedding: The Reveal”

Thank you for enjoying our surprise wedding journey thus far! I am so happy to share it with you!

Sheryl from Sheryl Bale Photography was an absolute dream to work with, she operates in Southern California, but also travels! She is from the Pacific Northwest originally, so please keep her in mind wherever you are!

Pre-ceremony in front of the cutest house! It totally reminded us of “Up.”

In front of the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana… absolutely beautiful building in the middle of the city.

Pre-ceremony photos with the family.

Getting ready to go in!

The rings.

Paperwork and waiting to say our vows!

Fun fact: There’s no music for the walk down the aisle. We hadn’t even thought of it. So, my whole family sang/hummed the wedding march for me. It was hilarious and so perfect.

Another fun fact: I wasn’t going to cry. Then I did. A lot.

There you have it! It was our perfect wedding and so much fun!



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I was born and raised in California, now I've started a family and we are going to set down roots in Portland, Oregon! Stay tuned for some great adventures!

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