DIY Mommy: Halloween Wreath

Last year, I started making a couple holiday wreaths for the door of our apartment. I loved doing it! Now I am working on new wreaths for each holiday and I’d love to share with you how easy it is to make a Jack Skellington wreath for Halloween!

Jack is easily one of Bug’s favorite characters. To know this girl is to know she is fearless, with Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline topping her favorite movie list. She has a shirt, she rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland several times (“Mama, we go to Jack’s house?”), and she got her set of dolls that she now carries everywhere. We are even doing Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween costumes this year (I cannot WAIT to share that with you soon!).

I got the idea from Pinterest (obviously) and realized just how simple it would be, of course, if you aren’t super keen on being crafty I am happy to make and ship you one, but it is much cheaper the DIY way.

This is the ONLY time I will say that I’m happy Christmas stuff is being stocked already. I was able to easily find white ball ornaments vs. finagling styrofoam balls to work.

I couldn’t find a black twiggy wreath (I had thought about spray painting a brown one) and the black “Halloween” ones were weird materials or crazy expensive. I settled on a white Christmas one, and I still love how it turned out.

First, take a good, old fashioned sharpie and draw on Jack faces to your ornament balls. I just did a google search of his expressions so they were each different.


Next, lay out your supplies and, honestly, just start wrapping ribbon and sticking stuff in places. It’s random, but it usually turns out great and gives it a unique look! I used a hot glue gun for any pieces that just didn’t sit right and used needle-nose pliers to wrap the ends of the floral wire to get some of the twigs to stay in place.

My final touches were using floral wire to tie on the ornaments and the big bow finish. I’m crazy about it and so is Bug. She kept going to the door just to look at Jack on her house.



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